06 / 2014
Date:February 2014

Combat Life Saving

Your role is that of the patrol leader on foreign territory. You are hit by enemy fire in a hostile environment. Your men are wounded. Will you know how to treat them in the right order of priority while you wait for help? It’s over to you for a 15 to 20 minute exercise in combat life saving.

Aimed at

Soliders, army personnel, medical or otherwise, who may find themselves in an emergency situation.

Expected Results

Better analysis and training in administering priority treatment under extremely stressful conditions.


All armed forces personnel via Internet and Extranet. Military health service. Management of participants and record of participants’ progress.


On PC and WEB browser

Scientific Committee
Prof. Stéphane Merat Head of department Bégin Military Teaching Hospital
Scientific Manager
Dr Pierre Pasquier Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Bégin Military Teaching Hospital