01 / 2014
Date:January 2014


Treating post-partum haemorrhaging: the leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide, Medical staff need to be especially vigilant for PPH occurring straight after delivery. You will treat in real time a woman who has just given birth but is experiencing post-delivery pain and has started to haemorrhage.

Aimed at

The whole medical team dealing with PPH, particularly anaesthetists-intensive care doctors

Expected results

Better treatment of PPH in a medical environment. Maintaining good practices, a new way of looking at the information available.


Post- university training sessions organised by the laboratory



Scientifique Committee Prof. CHASSARD Dominique (AR) Dr DUCLOY Anne Sophie (AR) Prof. CARBONNE Bruno (GO) Prof. MERCIER Frédéric (AR)

Medical Editors Dr RACKELBOOM Thibaut (AR) Dr MARCELLIN Louis (GO) Scientific Manager Prof. Alexandre Mignon (AR)