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04 / 2013
Date:April 2013

Around Acs

Choice of clinical case of acute coronary syndrome with two Stemi and Nstemi complications, working alongside AstraZeneca.

Script written by Prof. Varenne and Prof. Mignon and validated by PU PH cardiologists Prof. Carli and Prof. Steg.

Aimed at

This simulation is aimed at medical staff of all levels (students, accident and emergency staff, nurses, surgeons, doctors, etc.) allowing them to share best practices in this particular case, as part of continuous training.

Expected Results

Assess your know-how and validate your skills in the field of detecting myocardial infarction, by following the various steps: detecting the type (STEMI or NON STEMI), making recommendations for treating the patient, sending the patient to the Cardiology Intensive Care Unit (CICU)


Used exclusively by AstraZeneca under the names ScaLife or AscLife, during training evenings involving “real-life” scenarios. Countries: France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, etc.



Scientific Committee
Prof. Gabriel Steg : Paris Diderot University,
Prof. Pierre Carli (AR)  : SAMU. Head of Ward, Necker
Scientific Managers
Prof. Olivier Varenne (Cochin Hospital – interventional cardiologist)
Prof. Alexandre Mignon (AR)